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M65 FISHTAIL PARKA . GRADE 1 (Used) from £199.95, call and check stock before ordering.


The M65 fishtail parka is the post Korean war parka issued to the united states armed forces. Preceding that was the m51 nearly identical . The fishtail parka had since then become an iconic British MOD jacket better known as the lambretta jacket . Today the mods or scooter riders all over the uk favour and covet the M51 or M65  fishtail parka, Here at Aarons surplus we source the parka’s direct from the states and we try to avail all three sizes , small ,medium and large . The parka’s start at £199.95 GRADE 1 used for medium, large or small ,we also stock a modern reproduction of the m51 made in cartersville GA  USA £135 . you will be pleased with it. we do advice you to come in and fit. please call before placing any orders ,while we list coming soon as status we might have some in stock and would rather talk to you about.
Call 01708524915 to enquire with regards to stock availability before purchase .

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